Nov. 2017

Most of my artwork is diaristic, based on my everyday life. Some of the photographs are snapshots, others are constructed, based on ideas, dreams. Every day is a combination of physical needs, desires, obligations, family life, culture, art and philosophy.  I am closed around myself, but at the same time part of something bigger. Everything is intertwined, overlapping.  

It is our horizon of experience and our understanding of our own bodies which enables us to interpret the world around us. Meaning is found when we define our experiences through language. But some things cannot be described or explained through the use of words. To me photography provides a way of simultaneously creating meaning, narrating my life, and asking questions I cannot answer. The result is a subjective exploration of everyday life, between the trivial and the deeply existential.

Breathless  (2001-2017)

Breathless (2001-2017)

Temptation of egg  (2012-2017)

Temptation of egg (2012-2017)

Lykkepillen  (2012)

Lykkepillen (2012)

Lost and found  (2004-2015)

Lost and found (2004-2015)

On Sunday  (2005-2012)

On Sunday (2005-2012)

O  (2016)

O (2016)

Hair   drawings  (2014-2017)

Hair drawings (2014-2017)

Bringing up baby  (2007-2011)

Bringing up baby (2007-2011)

In search of lost time  (2007)

In search of lost time (2007)